Elaine Peddey is a retired Professional Speaker, Trainer, People Mechanic (Counsellor) and Author. Before
          entering her own private consultancy, she worked for many years in the funeral industry, both as a Funeral
          Consultant and a Grief Educator .
          Elaine is now available as a motivational speaker and educator at no cost
          It is rewarding to see others bring positive change and healing into their lives.
          Elaine's personal 'victory over tragedy' sets the stage, while her sensitive and humorous style motivates others
          to discover the keys to 'winning in life'.

          Elaine is highly recognised for her dynamic and visual presentations, inspiring children, adolescents and adults
          alike to apply creative living skills toward effective change. In 1978, her first husband Geoff was tragically
          killed at the age of 31, leaving Elaine with two young sons and a foster daughter to care for. Geoff's death,
          involving a petrol tanker, occurred on the Birkenhead Bridge and brought about positive change for the
          community of  Pt. Adelaide.
          His death was the catalyst for the redirection of all heavy vehicles away from Pt. Adelaide and the building
          of the Tom Derrick Bridge.

          Her experiences showed her that support available in Adelaide was virtually non-existent at that time,
          especially in addressing the needs of children and adolescents. In August, 1985, Elaine and her friend Colleen
          commenced Young
          Solace-a support group for widows and widowers in Adelaide, South Australia

          In November, 1985, Elaine, Colleen and the late Sister Roni Honour commenced Children she and Youth of
          Solace; CAYOS Plus, a support group for children and teenagers who have experienced the death of a parent
          or significant other. These groups were a part of the Solace Association which is Australia wide. Elaine has
          presented papers at National and International Conferences.

          Elaine remarried in 1981 to Greg Peddey, a wonderful man who always encourages and supports her and is
          also involved in caring for others.
          Elaine always acknowledges that Greg is the "wind beneath her wings"
          Elaine's strong faith in God has helped her say "Thank you Lord for teaching me to laugh again but never let
          me forget I cried".

          Elaine has had appearances on television and radio
          Touch of Elegance (Book review), Adelaide Today (Book review), The Extraordinary (relating to a
          premonition of her husband's death).




It is a privilege to be invited into the living
   room of someone's heart, therefore it must be handled with care at all times."
Grief resolution is Preventative Medicine
. Elaine believes in emotional healing for conquering loss and change.
Make lemonade when life hands you lemons


     Elaine is the author of the following books:
     ● If You Can't Understand Me, Just Love Me
     ● Don't Forget I Hurt Too
     ● GRIEF - An Intervention Program for
     Young People
     ● Creative Coping for dealing with loss and
        change (Workbook for primary school

     Elaine is co-author of the following books:
     ● Stop The World I Want To Get Back On !
     ● A Handbook for Grievers
     ● Workbook for Grievers

     Elaine is author of the following leaflets:
     ● Caring for a Grieving Workmate
     ● Caring for a Grieving Friend
     ● Caring for a Dying Relative or Friend
     ● Coping With Grief at Christmas Time
     ●  Bereavement Recovery and Educational